The Ultimation Range of Ancillary Products

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The D1500 manually operated barrier is an ideal choice to protect unattended or low traffic sites with minimal investment. As standard, the D1500 comes complete with preset counterweights, an adjustable tip support and anchor bolts.

CCTV Towers

The D3250 automatic barrier has been the most popular barrier in our range since its introduction due to its smart appearance and ease of set up. Fully 100% rated, our D3250 barrier is suited to the most demanding applications with the highest level of traffic flow.


Our newly redesigned D3850 heavy duty barrier extends the capability of the D3250. The redesign utilises an enhanced motor and gearbox assembly which has eliminated the need for counterweights.

Traffic Lights

The use of ancillary with outher security measures can increase your site safety as well as enhance security levels. All Ultimation ancillary and gates are capable of being interlocked without any additional hardware upgrades.


Ultimation have a policy of continual improvement which allows us to offer state of the art control and safety systems, and keeps us one step ahead of the competition. The PLC software was developed in house by Ultimation engineers to simplify installation and maintenance procedures. Our standard control system for barriers, gates and road blockers provides installers and end users with the ability to simply adjust operational parameters to suit their particular application.
If the system develops a fault, the screen glows red to alert the engineer, and the fault history can easily be displayed to allow instant diagnosis.
The Schneider programmer ensures that accessing parameters from the graphic display is both intuitive and user friendly. The user can simply scroll through the parameters and turn them on or off as desired. Speeds are set in a similar way to suit site requirements.
The system also has a built in time-clock function, allowing gates or barriers to be opened and closed to suit site requirements such as shift changes or holidays.

At the heart of every Ultimation design is the overriding concern for the safety of the end user and members of the public. As a bare minimum, Ultimation products are all supplied with safety systems which comply with current safety guidelines, and it is company policy to continually evolve systems which place us ahead of emerging legislation and guidelines. This allows us to offer products which are amongst the safest in the world. The requirements of the Machinery Directive are paramount, and we constantly monitor legislation for changes that may impact our product range. We also take advice from Gatesafe, the DHF and other trade bodies who specialise in safety matters.

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