D6500 Bi-Folding Gates

D6500 Bi-Folding Gates

Bi-folding speed-gates provide the perfect solution for security in confined locations, or where speed of opening is important.

The design incorporates two mechanically connected leaves per side, which swing open together thus providing a greater speed of operation that other automated gate systems.

The small swing arc needed by the dual gate leaf system allows these gates to be located in situations which would rule out the installation of conventional gates. They are engineered to allow bolt down fixing to suitable concrete pads, and are compatible with all current access control systems.



Maximum Span:


Maximum Height:

3.5m (Depending on span)

Opening / Closing Times:

105 seconds

Drive System:

3 phase (inverter driven) motor and wormed gearbox mounted at ground level or high level as required.


4 x Cat 8 edges, dual height photocells. Emergency Stop button and a flashing beacon / Sounder.

Power Supply:

230VAC 50Hz 6 Amp


Bi-Folding gates feature a Schneider PLC control system with inverter, all fitted within the gate post. 


Gate Drive

Reliable and almost silent in operation, our 3 phase motor and wormed gearbox drive is usually positioned at ground level, although we are able to locate drives at high level if required.


Bi-Folding Linkage

The linkage allows the smooth folding of both gate leaves, and provides the speed of operation that our bi-folding gates are known for. Leaves retract fully behind the gate post for maximum vehicle clearance.


Safety Systems:

All our powered gates are equipped with class leading safety systems as standard.For the D6500, this includes 4 x Cat. 8 safety edges, twin photocells at different heights, a gate post mounted Emergency Stop button and a flashing beacon / sounder. Working with our unique control software this provides the quickest response to a safety event in the industry.


Gate Design

Designed for you. A wide range of gate infills are available, from our standard vertical tube, to weldmesh, palisade and timber cladding. We can even provide sheet steel with your logo cut out by water jet as shown. Also, if you specify vertical bar or sheet infill in a standard RAL reference, we don’t charge for non-standard colours!


Is This The Product For You?

All our products are custom designed and made in house. We can accommodate any specific requirements you may have. Please contact us now.