D2200 Height Restrictors


D2200 height restrictors offer a low cost solution for applications such as car parks and for height control prior to low headroom road crossings.

They are available in fixed and manually operated swing versions, and can be supplied with appropriate maximum headroom signage. Swing versions are offered in single or double leaf formats, and they can be locked in both the closed and open positions.

D2200 height restrictors are constructed from high quality BS EN 10025 S355 and S275 mild steel, and may be finished in a choice of colours, yellow being the most popular.

Available in heights of up to 2.1 metres and a maximum width of 13 metres, height restrictors are simple to install and provide a quick, economical means of protecting vulnerable unmanned or remote sites.



Maximum Span:

7.0M (Single leaf), 12.0M (double leaf)


Powder coated


Padlockable with a low level locking facility

Maximum Height:


Low Level Swing Barrier

In addition to restricting the height of vehicles passing through, the optional integrated swing barrier can be chosen to allow your site to be completely closed to vehicles.


Low Level Locking Facility:

Conveniently positioned to allow the swinging versions to be operated and locked from ground level.


Bolt Down:

Posts are provided with bolt down base plates for quick installation. Dig in posts can be specified if required at no additional cost.


Maximum Height Sign:

A prominent maximum headroom sign can be supplied, and an optional striped aluminium bumper bar can also be fitted for added protection.


Lacth Back Posts:

Swing versions are available with latch back posts for those times when you need to secure the restrictor in the open position.


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