D2300 Automatic Height Restrictors


An ULTIMation innovation, the D2300 height restrictor combines the benefits of a standard height restrictor with an automatic gate. It was originally designed to provide a solution to a specific client problem, which required free access to cars whilst only allowing higher vehicles to pass when a remote control button is pressed.

Similar in construction to our successful range of automatic cantilever sliding gates, these height restrictors are fitted with fully compliant safety systems, and are almost silent in operation.

The fully welded steel construction and heavy duty catch post ensures the highest level of security, and the D2300 is compatible with any access control system. Gate drive is by three phase motor which operates from a single phase supply via an inverter. This is controlled from a fully programmable PLC system, to fully controllable operation with slow down features and programmable timing should the client wish to hold the unit open for a set time.



Maximum Span:


Maximum Height:

3.5m depending on span

Opening / Closing Time:

5 seconds per metre (adjustable)

Drive Unit:

3 phase motor and wormed gearbox with rack and pinion final drive


6 x Cat 3 edges. dual height photocells, Emergency Stop button and a flashing beacon / sounder


100% Duty cycle

Power Supply:

230VAC 50Hz 6 amp


Controlled by a Schneider PLC System with an inverter, all pre wired and factory tested ready for connection to your mains supply. 


Safety Systems:

This restrictor is equipped with class leading safety systems as standard. This includes 6 x Cat 3 safety edges, twin photocells at different heights, a cabinet mounted Emergency Stop button and a flashing beacon / sounder. Working with our unique control software this provides the quickest response to a safety event in the industry.


Gate Drive:

Reliable and almost silent in operation. The height restrictor is powered via an inverter driven motor and gearbox, providing 3 phase controllability with single phase economy.


Visual Deterrent:

The lattice structure and large section base rail of the moving leaf present an obvious and highly visible deterrent to unauthorized vehicles.



The stanchions are powder coated and the sliding leaf is epoxy primed and painted. Any standard RAL colour is available at no additional cost.


Is This The Product For You?

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