D5000 Tracked Sliding Gate


Tracked sliding gates are typically used in locations where limited space in the gate backrun area precludes the use of cantilevered gates. The use of the track eliminates the need for the triangulated cantilever element of our non-tracked gates so saving in the region of 25 to 30% of the overall gate length.

Identical in specification to our cantilevered gates, the D5000 are fully safety compliant as standard and are available with the same wide range of infill materials and colour choices.



Maximum Span:


Maximum Height:

5.0m depending on span

Opening / Closing Time:

4 seconds per metre (adjustable)

Drive Unit:

3 Phase motor and worried gearbox with rack and pinion final drive


6 x Cat 3 edges, dual height photocells, Emergency Stop button and a flashing beacon / sounder.


100% Duty Cycle

Power Supply:

230VAC 6 Amp


Plug and Play! All ULTIMation gates feature a Schenider PLC control system with inverter, all pre wired and factory tested ready for your connection to mains power supply.


Optional Touch Screen

Our state of the art graphic display provides quick, intuitive touch screen programming and fault finding with integrated product manuals and wiring diagrams. We can also customise the display with your logo.


Gate Drive

Reliable and almost silent in operation. D500 gates are powered via an inverter driven motor and gearbox, providing 3 phase controllability with single phase economy.


Safety Systems

Safety first. All our powered gates are equipped with class leading safety systems as standard. For the D5000, this includes 6 x Cat 3 safety edges, twin photocells at different heights, a cabinet mounted Emergency Stop button and a flashing beacon / sounder. Working with our unique control software this provides the quickest response to a safety event in the industry.


Gate Design

A wide range of gate infills are available, from our standard vertical tube, to weldmesh, palisade and timber cladding. We can even provide sheet steel with your logo cut out by water jet as shown. Also if you specify vertical bar or sheet infill in a standard RAL reference, we don’t charge for non-standard colours!


Is This The Product For You?

All our products are custom designed and made in house. We can accommodate any specific requirements you may have. Please contact us now.