D210 Access Control Reader Posts


ULTIMation offer a wide range of access control mounting posts from standard car and HGV height posts, to custom designed and stainless steel posts.

Our standard D210 post is manufactured from mild steel with a powder coated finish. It has a removable mounting plate of 290mm x 190mm with a head depth of 175mm. The standard height is 1255mm with a dual height or HGV only version of 2500mm overall height.

Posts can be manufactured to suit any size of access control equipment and we are also able to offer a coin acceptor version with lockable hinged panel for access to your coin tray. For sites which require the highest levels of aesthetic appeal we produce stylish brushed stainless steel posts which incorporate traffic lights or access controls into a recessed plate.




Post, 80mm x 80mm x 3mm.
Head, 3mm plate.
Base Plate, 5mm plate

Standard Height:


Dual Height:


Head Size:

300mm x 200mm x 175mm

Mounting Plate:

290mm x 190mm

Token Acceptor

In addition to standard readers, we can supply a token acceptor unit with electro-mechanical token / coin mechanism, a coin collection tray and lockable steel door.



Where standard heights and configurations do not suit a client’s needs, we can design and manufacture custom reader posts. Whether you need a cranked post, or one produced from stainless steel, a specific height or a complete custom design, we are able to match your design requirements.


Reader Head Options:

Our standard reader heads are available as:

Type 1
300mm high by 200mm wide by 175mm deep

Type 2
300mm high by 300mm wide by 175mm deep

Type 3
400mm high by 350mm wide by 175mm deep


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