D3850 Heavy Duty Automatic Barrier


Our newly designed D3850 heavy duty barrier extends the capability of it’s smaller brother the D3250. With a fresh new look designed to reflect the contemporary appearance of the standard barrier, the D3580 can protect road widths of up to 9m.

The redesign utilizes an enhanced motor and gearbox assembly which has eliminated the need for counterweights. Obviously this also removes the trapping hazards associated with traditional counter weighted barriers, and reduces the space required for installation.

As with all our barriers, a complete safety system can be configured, with safety edges to the bottom of plain booms, photocell protection and induction loop vehicle detection.

Lower skirts, or hi-bar skirts cam be fitted and we offer a complete customization service with colour combinations and logos available to match your corporate look.



Maximum Span:

9.0m with a plain boom, 8.0m with a bottom skirt, 6.5m with a hi-bar upper and lower skirt

Boom Diameter:



770mm wide x 520mm x deep x 1230mm high

Opening / Closing Times:

4 to 9 seconds (Adjustable)

Drive Unit:

Inverter driven 3 phase motor and wormed gearbox.

Power Supply:

230 VAC, 50Hz 5 Amps


100% continuous duty rating


Polyester Powder Coated in red and white as standard


D3850 barriers are fitted with a Schneider PLC unit with a graphic display to simplify commissioning and maintenance. There are many adjustable parameters including speed adjustment, with a slow down feature, and a standard time clock function.



A lower skirt or hi-bar upper and lower version can be fitted to the barrier at additional cost, and a high visibility STOP or NO ENTRY signs and LED boom lights may be specified to the the boom.



Barriers are powder coated in red and white or black and yellow as standard, however, other standard RAL colours may be specified at no additional cost. Booms are vinyl striped in red and white with a limited choice of other vinyl colours.


Barrier Design

The cabinet has a clean contemporary appearance with fully removable clamshell covers to both sides to allow complete access to all internal components. Unlike many heavy duty barriers there are no counterweights which removes a potential trapping hazard and reduces the required installation space.



To enhance your site entrance we are able to produce LED backlit logos into the barrier cabinet. These are designed on CAD and cut into sheet steel with our water cutter.


Is This The Product For You?

All our products are custom designed and made in house. We can accommodate any specific requirements you may have. Please contact us now.