D1500 Manual Barrier


The D1500 manually operated barrier is an ideal choice to protect unattended or low traffic sites, with minimal investment.

D1500 barriers are available to suit road widths up to 6m with a standard 76mm diameter boom, and up to 9m with our heavy duty 100mm diameter boom.

As standard, the D1500 comes complete with preset counterweights, an adjustable tip support and expanding anchor bolts.

Installation is quick and simple – the barrier can easily be installed by one person, and is simply bolted down to a suitable concrete base.

Operation is just as simple, the counterweights allow effortless boom movement, and a latch is provided to lock the barrier in either the up or down position with a facility to allow you to fit a padlock.



Maximum Span:

 Standard Version: 7.0M, Heavy Duty Version: 9.0m

Boom Diameter:

Standard Version: 76mm, Heavy Duty Version: 100mm


1m from base plate to centre of boom. Total barrier height: 1150mm


Stanchion: 250mm square box section, 400 x 400mm Base Plate


Polyester Powder Coated in red and white as standard

Tip Rest

An adjustable bolt down boom tip rest is supplied at no additional cost, whilst a folding “pogo” type tip rest is optionally available.


Optional Items

A lower skirt can be fitted to the barrier at additional cost, and high visibility STOP or NO ENTRY signs may be specified to the boom.



A slide latch is fitted to allow the barrier to be latched in the closed or raised position. A facility to fit a padlock in either position is also provided (Padlock not supplied).



Barriers are powder coated in red and white or black and yellow as stamdard, however, other standard RAL colours may be specified at no additional cost. Booms are vinyl striped in red and white with a limited choice of other vinyl colours


Barrier Design

The sanchion has a clean contemporary appearance with an enclosed bearing for maximum longevity. Counterweights balance the boom and minimise the effort needed to operate the barrier.


Is This The Product For You?

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