The Ultimation Range of Gates

Sliding Gates

Our D5600 range of cantilever sliding gates are designed to provide a robust and reliable security at busy vehicle entrances, whilst our D5800 provides the optimum gate for high-security locations. In locations where limited space in the gate backrun area precludes the use of cantilevered gates, our D5000 tracked sliding gates are identical in specification to our cantilevered gates but can save in the region of 25%-30% of the overall gate length.

Pedestrian Gates

Our pedestrian gate is produced in a wide variety of formats, from simple padlockable gates to fully DDA compliant.

Swing Gates

Ultimation produce a wide range of security swing gates, available in either single or double leaf versions.

Bi-Folding Gates

Bi-folding speed-gates provide the perfect solution for security in confined locations, or where speed of opening is important.


Ultimation have a policy of continual improvement which allows us to offer state of the art control and safety systems, and keeps us one step ahead of the competition. The PLC software was developed in house by Ultimation engineers to simplify installation and maintenance procedures. Our standard control system for barriers, gates and road blockers provides installers and end users with the ability to simply adjust operational parameters to suit their particular application.
If the system develops a fault, the screen glows red to alert the engineer, and the fault history can easily be displayed to allow instant diagnosis.
The Schneider programmer ensures that accessing parameters from the graphic display is both intuitive and user friendly. The user can simply scroll through the parameters and turn them on or off as desired. Speeds are set in a similar way to suit site requirements.
The system also has a built in time-clock function, allowing gates or barriers to be opened and closed to suit site requirements such as shift changes or holidays.


Safety first. All our powered gates are equipped with class leading safety systems as standard. For the D5000, D6500,D5800, D6000, D6500 and D6600 this includes 6 x Cat. 3 safety edges, twin photocells at different heights, a cabinet mounted Emergency Stop button and a flashing beacon/ sounder. Working with our unique control software this provides the quickest response to a safety event in the industry. The D5600, D5800 and D6000 also have flush fitted limit detectors and canted in safety edges at the drive post to minimise trapping hazards.

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