The Ultimation Range of Turnstiles

Standard Turnstiles

Designed to provide effective pedestrian access control to high traffic locations such as construction sites and factory entrances, the D4150 turnstile is both attractive and economically priced.

Enhanced Specification

The D4200 is a well specified heavy duty turnstile at a competitive price. Designed for applications ranging from public access such as at theme parks, and stadia, to construction sites and secure area access control. The turnstile features a 120° three rotor design providing maximum space for pedestrian transit. An overhead canopy is fitted as standard for full weather protection for users. Generously sized access control reader mounting pads are also provided at no extra cost.

3/4 Height Turnstile

Originally designed for an underground tunnel, the 3/4 height turnstile has become a popular option for applications where limited headroom precludes the use of traditional full height turnstiles, but where the client requires a more secure alternate to half height units. The reduced height allows turnstiles to be assembled in site access cabins, for example, and still allows the head mechanism to be accessed for maintenance purposes.

Specialist Turnstiles

As the manufacturer, Ultimation Direct is able to offer tailored solutions to specific design or site requirements. So if our standard range of products doesn’t completely meet your specification, then just let us know what you need and we will work with you to come up with a solution.

Ultimation have a policy of continual improvement which allows us to offer state of the art control and safety systems, and keeps us one step ahead of the competition. The PLC software was developed in house by Ultimation engineers to simplify installation and maintenance procedures. Our standard control system for barriers, gates and road blockers provides installers and end users with the ability to simply adjust operational parameters to suit their particular application. Featuring a graphic display and simple iPod type controls, the user can adjust time clocks, timers and even drive speeds within seconds.

At the heart of every Ultimation design is the overriding concern for the safety of the end user and members of the public. As a bare minimum, Ultimation products are all supplied with safety systems which comply with current safety guidelines, and it is company policy to continually evolve systems which place us ahead of emerging legislation and guidelines. This allows us to offer products which are amongst the safest in the world. The requirements of the Machinery Directive are paramount, and we constantly monitor legislation for changes that may impact our product range. We also take advice from Gatesafe, the DHF and other trade bodies who specialise in safety matters.

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